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This website is all about eSports and online games. There is plenty of insightful and interesting information to read about regarding this subject. The site should appeal to gamers who love popular franchises. However, non-gamers will get a lot out of it too. Once they have finished reading all of the fun content they will be much more knowledgeable about different video games.

GTA and Tournaments

One of the articles discusses Grand Theft Auto Online, a very successful multiplayer title. Gamers can interact with other players by completing missions with them, fighting them or taking part in exciting races.

Another section of the site delves into the subject of eSport tournaments. The winners of these events can end up winning substantial amounts of money. Halo, Fortnite, and Call of Duty are some of the best examples of these.

Worms And Mario Kart

Worms is an iconic game franchise where players control battalions of humorous worm creatures. The aim is to destroy the opposing side with an array of weaponry. One of the site articles looks at the history and significance of this game series.

The racing game franchise Mario Kart is also examined. Set in the Mario Bros. universe these colourful games are similar to other racing titles except with an interesting twist. Players can throw items at their opponents to slow them down. Over the years Mario Kart has become one of the most successful racing video games of all time. Readers can either select the article that appeals to them most or consume all of the content on this site.