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A player in Microsoft Flight Simulator found a location with a standard background in Windows XP

A player under the nickname rockin_gamer visited a place in Microsoft Flight Simulator, a snapshot of which was used as a standard desktop background in Windows XP. He posted a screenshot of the location on reddit.

The point is located at the coordinates 38°15’00.5″N 122°24’38.9″W — you can enter them in the search on the MSFS map and fly there yourself. The location is located in SONOMA County in California. The landscape is different from the original covering — instead of grass, there is now plowed land and sparse vegetation. From comments to the topic on reddit, it became known that at the moment the land is used for vineyards.

The original image was taken by photographer Charles O’rear in 1996, and Microsoft acquired the rights to it in 2000. In Windows XP, this background is called “Serenity”.

Microsoft Flight Simulator was released on August 18. The main features of the game are high quality graphics and the presence of the entire world map. Cybersport.ru I tested the new product and gave it nine points out of ten.

Rainbow Six Siege has become free on PS4 — perhaps this is a bug due to the promotion

The standard edition of Rainbow Six Siege in the PlayStation Store has become free — the game can be freely added to the library and installed. This may be a store error and users will only get the demo version instead of the full version. There are no warnings on the game page.

Users have noticed that the receipt for the purchase of the game is signed as a demo. In addition, for gamers who have previously installed a trial version of the shooter, instead of the “Add to cart” button, “Download”immediately appears. The volume of downloaded materials corresponds to the full version — about 70 GB. There may be some time or content restriction in the game itself.

Some players have suggested that the error is related to the upcoming promotion-Rainbow Six Siege can be temporarily played for free on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The event will be held from August 27 to September 4.