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Analysts: Among Us has dramatically increased the popularity of Discord

Starting from September 5, the number of daily Discord downloads increased from 300 thousand to 800 thousand — this is more than during the spring quarantine. According to analysts of the Apptopia portal, the jump in demand for the messenger is directly dependent on the popularity of the game Among Us.

The game was released almost two years ago, but its monthly audience has never exceeded thousands of people. The title’s popularity skyrocketed in September after it attracted the attention of top streamers. Because of this, the developers even canceled the sequel.

Released Among Us in June 2018, the Game was released on PC and mobile devices. The user rating of the title on the review aggregator Metacritic is 7.4 points out of 10.

Research has shown that video games are 50 times more environmentally friendly than going to the movies

The carbon footprint from using a digital video game for the PlayStation 4 is 0.047 kg of CO2 equivalent per hour. This is almost two times lower than similar titles for PC (0.09) and 50 times less than the average movie trip (2.4). The study was conducted by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

A carbon footprint is the aggregate of all greenhouse gas emissions directly or indirectly associated with a particular entity. Representatives of Sony Interactive Entertainment noted that in the case of going to the movies, most of the trail is accounted for by transport, and video game indicators may vary depending on the volume of the title and its duration.

At average values, the digital version of the PlayStation 4 game has a carbon footprint of 0.047 kg of CO2 equivalent per hour, while the physical edition has a carbon footprint of 0.055 kg of CO2 equivalent per hour. The largest amount of emissions is caused by the use of cloud technologies — 0.149 kg of CO2 equivalent per hour.

At the same time, for games that take less than eight hours to complete, the carbon footprint of cloud gaming becomes even smaller than that of digital versions. In addition, downloads from the network allow you to achieve the lowest emissions only for small titles. In the case of large-scale and large-scale games, there is almost no difference between the carbon footprint of digital and physical publications.