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Elon Musk spoke about his favorite games

Tesla and SpaceX Creator Elon Musk named games that he likes. It turned out that he was impressed by the original Deux Ex and BioShock, the second parts of Mass Effect and Half-Life, as well as Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Saints Row IV. Musk said this during a conversation with one of the users on Twitter.

After that, another user said that the mask should try the original The Last of Us. In response, the inventor said that among the gaming platforms, he prefers the PC, which is why he had to skip some console exclusives. However, he added that he will play the title Naughty Dog later.

Earlier, Elon Musk said that, in addition to these games, he liked Civilization and Warcraft.

Complexity Gaming CEO breaks down in tears after his team’s win at BLAST Premier: Spring 2020

The head of the eSports club Complexity Gaming, Jason lake, did not hold back tears after his team’s victory in the final of the European division BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 CS:GO. The emotional moment was broadcast live on the official stream via Fan Cam-lake watched the match from a virtual podium.

Complexity Gaming became the champion of the European division of BLAST Premier: Spring 2020. In the final match, the team of Benjamin blameF Bremer beat Team Vitality with a score of 2: 1 — 2: 16 on Vertigo, 19: 16 on Mirage and 16: 12 on Nuke.

For the victory at BLAST Premier: Spring 2020, the Complexity Gaming team received $335 thousand and a ticket to the Global Final 2020 tournament, which will be held in January 2021. The champion of the American division became a part of Evil Geniuses.

Sunlight: “Virtus.pro need a break»

Former Aggressive Mode player Cyril Sunlight Kaczynski believes that the line-up Virtus.pro Dota 2 requires a break from the game. In his opinion, teams have lost interest in online tournaments. Kaczynski wrote on Twitter.
Kirill Sunlight Kachinsky:
“Virtus.pro we need a break. In General, I want some action, because the tournaments for anything. Money — this, of course, is cool, but here emotionally * * * all, IMHO”.

June 21 Virtus.pro held two meetings at the BEYOND EPIC tournament after a three-week break — Alexey Solo Berezin’s team lost to Alliance and FlyToMoon. Both confrontations ended with the score 0: 2.

The next VP meeting will be held on June 22 against Team Liquid. It is scheduled for 21: 00. You can follow the match on its page.

BEYOND EPIC for Europe and the CIS runs online from June 15 to 28. Teams play a prize pool of $200 thousand.