Call of Duty World League

Call of Duty is one of the most successful first-person shooter franchises of all time. The early games in the series were set during the Second World War. Later instalments have taken place in the Vietnam War, a fictional World War Three and a science fiction inspired future landscape.

The Tournament

The Call of Duty World League brings together the very best players of these games. The instalments that have been used so far for the tournament have included Black Ops III, Infinite Warfare and WWII. There has been some recent controversy involving the latest game in the series. As a consequence of this, it is uncertain whether the new instalment will be used in future tournaments.

Competitors must use a PlayStation 4 console rather than a PC or Xbox. The first event of this type took place in early 2016. The prize money for the 2019 tournament was $6 million. A new event called the Call of Duty League will be replacing the old one from 2020 onward. This is so that multiple games from the franchise can be utilised.

Why It Is Popular

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Call of Duty is the sense of realism that each game has. This is especially true for the ones set during World War Two. The action is gritty and seemingly authentic. This is in contrast to other best selling first-person shooters such as Halo which are more cartoonish.

Future of the Tournament

Opening up the eSport event to include even more games from the series will help to expand its popularity even further. There could be different tournament types, each focusing on a specific instalment and mode of play. For instance, the iconic Nazi Zombies mode will most likely be a prominent part of future tournaments.