Halo World Championship

Halo is a popular science fiction action game series developed by Microsoft and 343 Industries. It takes place in a brutal future when the human species must fight an ongoing intergalactic war against numerous alien enemies. The main games in the franchise are first-person shooters where players have to take control of a super-soldier called Master Chief.


The very first game was incredibly popular due to its engaging multiplayer mode. So many people enjoyed playing and competing against each other in Halo that an international tournament was eventually set up by Microsoft in 2014. The Halo Championship Series involves four groups of four players competing for a grand prize. In 2018 this was $2.5 million, the highest award of any eSport event at the time.


The games which are used in each tournament have varied throughout the years. The first two world championships focused on the HD remaster of Halo 2. More recently the focus has shifted to Halo 5: Guardians. This is because it is a much more modern console title. The tactics and skills needed to win at Halo 2 and 5 are relatively different. For this reason, new teams have emerged, and older ones no longer compete in the final.

The Future of the Event

Microsoft has shown no signs of wanting to retire the Halo series any time soon. They will likely continue to release new instalments in the near future. This will inevitably mean that the latest games are used in the tournament.

The prize money is also likely to increase. Other high profile eSport events such as the Fortnite Tournament gained significant media attention thanks to the huge prize pool. To attain the same level in the press, the Halo World Championship will need to give its winners a similarly impressive award.