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Fighting game announced in the Dungeon & Fighter universe

At the last festival in Korea dedicated to the Dungeon & Fighter universe, a lot of interesting things were presented: the second gameplay trailer for Action MMO Project BBQ and the trailer for the upcoming Dungeon & Fighter Mobile were presented. But a completely new project called Dungeon & Fighter Duel was also announced.

Dungeon & Fighter Duel is an anime-style 2D fighting game developed by Neople in partnership with Arc System Works, creators of the popular Guilty Gear series. In the short 30-second video below, you can see some of the similarities between the future game and the ASW projects.

New Dungeon Fighter Mobile Trailer Released

Nexon, the publisher of the upcoming online Action RPG Dungeon Fighter Mobile, has revealed a new trailer for the game. In it, you can see a couple of minutes of gameplay and some cinematic inserts made in the anime style:

Dungeon Fighter Mobile is a fully mobile-centric adaptation of the PC version of Dungeon Fighter. The game, unlike Project BBQ, will have a plot that repeats the version for personal computers. There will be similar features, like 1v1 and 2v2 PvP battles, dungeons, characters.

Dungeon Fighter Mobile was originally planned to be released in China under the auspices of Tencent this year, but the release had to be postponed indefinitely due to a number of new laws of the Chinese government. Developers need to first update systems from gambling addiction and add new rules for verifying accounts. The release dates of the game in Korea and China are still unknown.

The authors of Path of Exile decided to congratulate players with a free item from the in-game store

Grinding Gear Games congratulated all Path of Exile players with a free item from the in-game store.

It was the Mysterious Dusk Box, from where one of 38 unique cosmetic items can drop. These can be wings, footprints, raincoats, costume elements and decorative items. The box itself costs 30 coins in the in-game store, but coins can only be purchased from 50 pieces for 233 rubles.

You can get a loot box simply by entering the game and opening the store menu there. After that, the gift will automatically be credited to your account, in the chest with microtransactions.