Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod is a PC game which utilises various elements from other popular online games, such as Left 4 Dead and CS: GO. Rather than having set rules and maps, the developers encourage users to create their own.

Many different online communities have grown around the plethora of game modes in Garry’s Mod. Some users like to design these modes and release them so that others can play them.

Trouble in Terrorist Town

This is one of the most widely enjoyed game modes. It places several players on a map. A portion of them are “terrorists” whose role is to kill the “innocent” players. The “innocents” need to work together and try to figure out who the “terrorists” are. Before the match starts, players have a limited amount of time to explore the map and pick up any weapons. “Innocents” win if they can survive the entire round.


In Cinema mode players can roam around a virtual movie theatre. Each screening room allows users to stream videos from the internet. This tends to be done via YouTube. There is no winning or losing in this mode. It is just a fun environment to socialise with other players. Cinema mode is much more relaxed than the action-packed modes which tend to dominate Garry’s Mod. If there are multiple people in a screening room, they can each add a video to the streaming queue, similar to how video casting works in real life.

RPG Modes

There are also dedicated RPG modes where users can role-play in many different environments. For instance, in Prison RPG, each user takes on the role of either a prisoner or guard. Star Wars RPG allows users to live out their fantasies as a science fiction action hero. Players can even create their own RPG mode. They are limited only by their imagination.