Mario Kart

Mario Kart has been hailed as one of the most fun online racing games of all time by numerous critics. It takes place in the colourful Mario Bros. universe and features many of the heroes and villains of this world.


When players connect to an online race, they can choose which character to play as, plus which vehicle to use. The rules are similar to other racing games. A key difference is that the track contains individual items that players can pick up. Some of them give speed boosts, and others are weapons that can be used against other players.

One of the most notorious of these items is the Blue Shell. When this is launched, it will target whichever player is in first place in the race. This can completely change who is going to win. The randomness of items such as the Blue Shell gives Mario Kart an extra element of excitement.

Mobile Version

In 2019 a mobile version of Mario Kart was released. It allows people to play the game on a portable smart device. Mario Kart Tour is a free game where users can pay for particular items. Characters and vehicles are unlocked by completing different challenges.

While Mario Kart Tour has several pros such as portability, it has also been criticised. Players are unable to control acceleration, and the unlocking system can be frustrating. The introduction of loot boxes to a game targeted at children was also poorly received.

The tracks available are continually being changed. For instance, during the Halloween season, tracks were featuring haunted houses and monsters. Each week there is a new ranking competition between different online players. The one who scores the most points is given a special reward. Points are scored by coming in first place, by performing stunts and using items.