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Ghost of Tsushima fans replaced the main character with Tom cruise

Fans of Ghost of Tsushima showed what the main character of the game could look like if his role was played by actor Tom cruise. They replaced the protagonist’s face with the DeepFake neural network. Previously, the main character was turned into Keanu Reeves in a similar way.

In 2003, Tom Cruise played the lead role in the adventure historical drama “the Last samurai” directed by Edward Zwick. The film received four Oscar nominations and three Golden globe nominations.

The release of Ghost of Tsushima took place on July 17 exclusively on PS4. Journalists rated the game at 83 points out of 100, and the user rating at the time of publication of the news is 9.2 points out of 10.

BioWare will show unpublished art with characters from the original Mass Effect trilogy

Company BioWare has announced the artbook The Art of The Mass Effect Trilogy: Expanded Edition. It will include previously unpublished art with characters from the games in the trilogy.

The volume of the book will be 272 pages. Currently, only North American residents can purchase an artbook for $40. Whether the Art of the Mass Effect Trilogy: Expanded Edition will be released in other regions is unknown.

Previously, there were rumors that Electronic Arts and BioWare are preparing a reissue of the three original games in the Mass Effect series. It is assumed that the release of new versions of titles will take place in the fall. Electronic Arts did not confirm this information.

The mobile Mario Kart will have a horizontal mode

The authors of the mobile Mario Kart Tour will add a horizontal mode to the game. At the same time, it will have an updated management layout. Nintendo announced the new feature in a special video.

Since the release of Mario Kart Tour, it can only be played in vertical mode. After installing the update, users will be able to run the title in the same form as the older version of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

On July 20, Nintendo will broadcast Direct Mini. It will start at 20: 00 Moscow time. As part of the show, the publisher will pay attention to games from partners that were recently announced for the Nintendo Switch.