Grand Theft Auto Online

In 2013 the hit video game GTA V was first released. At the time, although popular, it was only available with solo gameplay. Eventually, a new mode was developed, which was called Grand Theft Auto Online.

It takes place on the same map as GTA V, a parody of California called San Andreas. The main difference is that this version is an online multiplayer game. When users enter the game world, they can interact with others in several ways. This can include playing missions together or fighting each other.


Races are prevalent in GTA Online, and new tracks continue to be released by the developers. There is an abundance of vehicles to choose from. This includes sports cars, jet planes, tanks and boats. There are standard races, as well as special ones, where players can use weapons against their competitors.


Gamers can also join forces to complete heist missions. Each member of the team is assigned a particular role, such as crowd control or getaway driver. For the heist to be completed correctly, the team needs to work together effectively.

Their overall performance will affect how much money is awarded to them. Heists typically take place inside banks but can also happen at research facilities and other select locations. Before each heist, players have to plan out and complete set missions.

Death Matches

In a deathmatch, an assortment of players is transported into a smaller section of the map. They must fight to the death against each other. The person with the highest amount of kills is the winner.

There is also a variant of this mode called team deathmatch. Players are separated into two groups. Whichever team scores a certain amount of kills first wins. Weapons are usually scattered around the map for players to pick up.