Worms Game

The Worms series has been around since the early 1990s. It was developed by Team17, and each game involves players controlling a platoon of quirky, animated worms. The games are designed to be turn-based. During each turn, the player can move around one worm at a time. They can utilise numerous weapons and the environment to attack the opposing team. The player who manages to wipe out all of the enemy worms first is the winner.

Tactical Manoeuvres

Tactics are an important aspect of gameplay. The worms need to be positioned in a strategic way. Players will also have to consider which weapons are the most effective for certain scenarios. These can include guns, bombs and more absurd ones such as exploding sheep.

Over time water begins to rise and drown any worms it touches. Eventually, the entire map will become submerged. Therefore players are forced to take the rising levels into consideration when making their move. The map environment can be easily damaged and shaped with the use of weapons, drills and blowtorches. This is another element that can be used tactically to achieve a win.


The later games in the series have given users a greater amount of freedom when it comes to customising their worm team. They can change the worm’s size, facial appearance and clothing. Different sound effects can also be assigned to them. Once this is done, each worm is then given a unique name. These elements allow users to express their own individuality.

Mobile Version

The mobile version of worms has both a single and multiplayer mode. Users can compete against others via the internet. Alternatively, they could choose the “pass and play” mode. The different maps featured in this Worms instalment include the sewers, a ranch, the beach and a spooky haunted landscape.