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Holiday calendar in World of Tanks

From December 1 to January 1, a holiday calendar with combat missions and discounts is available to tankers. The system with daily tasks and bonuses is familiar to old players, and a trailer was released for beginners.

You can activate the task of the day through the corresponding stand in the Hangar and the button. Complete your goals and get bonuses to credits, combat experience, and World of Tanks crew experience.

From December 25th until the end of the event, they will include a final holiday challenge with special rewards. Calendar mechanics are also projected onto the premium store, every day there will be a profitable offer.

Vehicle shooting will be added to Cuisine Royale

The developers of a unique battle-royale shooter are preparing a huge update, which will include the Siberia map, new abilities, weapons and vehicles. One of the novelties will be the ability to shoot from a car.

Fighters will be able to shoot freely on the move, moving by boat or car. This feature is especially useful for players in a squad. It is enough to aim and the character will stick out of the transport, and to change sides, you can change seats. The walls of a car or boat provide additional protection.

The update can be expected in December. The Cuisine Royale team promises mortars, flamethrowers, many skills and magic, updated rating leagues, weapons, and the Siberia location.

New portion of rare War Thunder decals

From November 26 to December 22, all War Thunder players can complete special tasks and collect 9 beautiful decals for their favorite vehicles.

You can read the terms of the tasks in the “News of the Week” section, and then start completing them in random battles and events on Tier 2-7 vehicles. Objectives cannot be completed in Confrontation mode.

You can evaluate the design of the stickers and the required conditions for opening them on the attached picture. The collection includes stickers of the troops of each playable nation.

We remind you that recently a major update “New Force” was installed in the game with improved graphics and a large assortment of aircraft, naval and ground vehicles.