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MIBR will play in the same group as Dignitas in the second phase of FLASHPOINT

The organizers of FLASHPOINT Season 1 for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive held a draw for the group stage of the second phase of the League. Quartet C will feature MIBR, Team Dignitas, and Gen.G and orgless mix.

The b Quartet included MAD Lions and FunPlus Phoenix, who will be played by roster Ryan fREAKAZOiD Abadir Swole Patrol. In group A, Cloud9’s opponents will be Team Envy, HAVU Gaming and Copenhagen Flames.

The second phase of the League will be held from March 27 to April 6. According to its results, points will be counted: the top eight teams will get into the playoffs. The leaders in points are MAD Lions, MIBR and C9 (75 each), and the last place is shared by Copenhagen Flames, Envy and FunPlus Phoenix (15 each).

The first season of the FLASHPOINT League started on March 13 at the closed FACEIT Studio in Los Angeles, but then due to the coronavirus pandemic, the matches were moved online. The League is due to end on April 19. The prize Fund of the competition is one million dollars: half will go to the winner.

FunPlus Phoenix found a new line-up on FLASHPOINT

Swole Patrol’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lineup will perform in the second phase of FLASHPOINT Season 1 under the FunPlus Phoenix tag. This was announced by the organizers on social networks. Details of the deal between the Chinese club and the roster of Ryan FREAKAZOiD Abadir are unknown.

At the start of the tournament, the heroic roster played for FunPlus Phoenix. During the tournament, team member Patrick es3tag Hansen switched to Astralis, which, according to the CEO of Heroic, jeopardized the deal with FunPlus.

From the social networks of Chinese multi-gaming, mentions of the Danish cs:GO roster disappeared, and there was no American announcement. Whether the FREAKAZOID team will play in other tournaments under the FunPlus Phoenix tag is unknown.

The Abadir brothers ‘ team was left without a club in early March, when the eSports players left eUnited. At the moment the team is 56th in the rating HLTV.org.