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Miraculously upstream, Na`vi CS_GO fans were over the moon

“Golden Dragon” fans continued to have a sleepless night when the home team defeated strong opponent FaZe Clan in the opening match of IEM Katowice this year.
Yesterday evening, IEM Katowice, one of the oldest and most prestigious CS: GO tournaments, officially kicked off. With the presence of all the teams that are in the top 10 coaches at the present time with the attractive DE bo3 format, this will definitely be a quality tournament in terms of both professionalism and entertainment. show the audience the most emotional levels.
The focus of last night was the match between the two names that are extremely high at the moment: FaZe Clan and Natus Vincere. While FaZe Clan showed their dominance with 3 wins in Group A BLAST Premier Spring Series, Group B Na`vi was no less inferior to defeating such fierce names as Astralis, Vitality or complexity to win the first place in the chart.

Both teams have a lot of fans and this will definitely be an exciting duel with top notch highlights from both teams.
Entering the first map of de_Nuke, Na`vi were the ones who had a better start with 6 consecutive rounds of victory, but FaZe Clan quickly proved why they picked Nuke when successive rounds of rounds ended and ended. first half with the score 8-7.

Entering the second half with the advantage of CT-side, NIKo and teammates easily broke the opponent’s attacks and closed the map 1 with an overwhelming score of 16-9.Coming to map 2 de_Dust2, the two teams continued to struggle each round for a round and brought the audience extremely eye-catching highlights. The FaZe Clan had a series of 6 round wins in the second half and pushed the score to 13-9, but the Na`vi members were not discouraged and fought extremely resilient and indomitable.They could not help but mention the extremely timely shine of S1mple or Flamie that helped Na`vi comeback successfully 16-14 and put the match on the map 3 de_Overpass.