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One of the key developers of Devil May Cry 5 left Capcom after 12 years and joined a new team

The designer of the Devil May Cry 5 combat system, Resuke Yoshida, has announced his retirement from Capcom. He worked for the company for 12 years.

The specialist’s LinkedIn profile already contains information about the new team — he will join the young Studio Sakura, which was founded by the Chinese Internet giant NetEase. According to the representatives of the Corporation, the new team will have full creative freedom and the ability to implement any concepts.

During his career, Resume Yoshida participated in the creation of several titles for Capcom. In addition to Devil May Cry V, the game designer worked on Monster Hunter Generations and advised the developers of Lost Planet 2.Since the Sakura Studio is based in China, Yoshida will move there after the end of the coronavirus pandemic. Now it works remotely.

The creators of the VR version of L. A. Noire announced the development of a virtual reality game for Rockstar Games

Employees of Video Games Deluxe said that they are developing a new VR game for Rockstar Games. Before that, they adapted the detective action game L. A. Noire for virtual reality glasses. Information about the new project appeared in the Studio’s LinkedIn profile.

Simultaneously with the announcement, the team opened several vacancies for specialists who want to join the development. The Studio requires a senior programmer, designers, and artists.

In 2017 Video Games Delux released L. A. Noire: The VR Case Files – a version of detective action specifically for VR glasses. As the basis for the project, the authors used several missions from the original game — they were completely transferred to the virtual space.

A blogger has created a cheat for CS:GO that punishes users for dishonest play

Programmer and blogger ScriptKid developed a cheat for CS:GO, which does not give an advantage in the game, but punishes users for trying to cheat. At the same time, the program does not help in aiming and does not allow you to see opponents through walls.

ScriptKid has created a special website that players can easily find in the search for “Free cheats for CS:GO”. At the time of recording the video, more than a thousand people downloaded the program. The blogger added various punishments to the cheats that appear randomly during the match. For example, the program can cause a player to burn in their own “Molotov cocktail” or throw away a weapon during a shootout.

ScriptKid is not the first time that it punishes cheaters with its development. Previously, he created a similar program for PUBG — because of it, players jumped out of moving vehicles, shot at allies and threw grenades at them.