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Speedrunners will hold a charity online marathon against coronavirus

Speedrunners are organizing the Corona Relief Done Quick online marathon against coronavirus from April 17 to 19. All donations will be sent to the charity Direct Relief.

To participate in Corona Relief Done Quick, you can fill out a special form. On the announced dates, users will have to launch the broadcast on Twitch, so that it can be re-streamed to the main channel of the marathon, which has more than 1.6 million subscribers. The gamer should be able to join the discussion of the game process with the event hosts.

The summer festival of speedrunners Games Done Quick 2020, which was planned to be held in June, was moved to August 16-23. You will need to send requests for it again.

Direct Relief is a non-profit organization that helps people regardless of their religion, political beliefs, or ability to pay. It also provides doctors with the necessary medical resources to care for the most vulnerable categories of the population. Many people who live on the threshold of poverty are unable to take care of their health in the face of a pandemic and purchase essential goods such as masks, antiseptics, and so on.

At the awesome Games Done Quick fall speedrunner charity marathon, organizers raised more than $3 million for charity.

Half-Life 2 broke the record for the peak number of players

On March 29, 6,882 users simultaneously played Half-Life 2 on Steam. This was a record for the game. Statistics were provided by the Steam Charts portal.

Many attribute the increased popularity of the game to the release of a spin-off series-Half-Life: Alyx, which is only available for virtual reality glasses. Previously, users published detailed instructions for launching Half-Life: Alyx without using a VR headset. You can see it at the link.

Half-Life 2 is a shooter game released in November 2004. The average rating of the game from journalists on the website Metacritic is 96 points out of 100. Half-Life 2 has received more than a hundred different awards.