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There will be a lot of interesting updates in PUBG Mobile version 0.14.5

PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 will launch a snowstorm survival mode with a unique body temperature mechanism that makes fighting survival even more challenging.

In general, the Vikendi map will be the main map of PUBG Mobile to receive new content changes in the upcoming update. As everyone knows, currently Vikendi is still in beta, so it needs to be constantly edited and finalized. The following is a summary of predictions from reliable sources:

MP5K gun
However, this gun will only be available in the Vikendi map, which is MP5K. The new MP5K submachine gun replaces Vector in Vikendi. Use 9mm bullets, with a default magazine capacity of 30 and can be upgraded to 40. Each bullet deals 33 damage, with an estimated 495 damage per second. Has an effective range of 300 meters with a rate of fire of 900 rpm. The warhead velocity is 380m / s. The gun has three shooting modes: Auto, Burst and Single.

Zima and Snowbike

A new vehicle will appear on the Vikendi map, enriching the vehicles on the map. This vehicle looks like a mini SUV. Although the control over snow can not be done at will, the four-wheel drive Zima still has a handling advantage over other vehicles. You may find the snail is slower than other vehicles but the higher durability makes it suitable for tactical motion. Enriching the Vikendi map with updated Zima vehicles makes many people feel excited.
Of course this time, the new car also appears exclusively in the snow map only. Another unique addition to the Vikendi snow island is Snow Bike – the snow motorbike will replace the regular motorbikes on the map, similar to the Vikendi version of the PUBG PC version.

Canted Sight

There will be 3 blizzards to occur and the character’s health will be directly affected. The hidden gameplay, the struggle to survive against the harsh natural environment will directly cause Hacker / Cheater to always try to eat their lives to think thoroughly before the difficult situation.