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Top 3 expected MMORPGs of 2021

Thousands of games of various genres are born every year. Many projects are shooters, arcades, adventure games, and many others. However, video games of the same genre can be counted on one hand. We are talking about a small number of MMORPG representatives, which are often in production for several years.

But 2021 will be really promising in terms of such new products. We are waiting for at least 10 expected MMORPGs, many of which will even be released in Russian. In this article, the Top 10 Expected MMORPGs of 2021, we will list them, as well as give as a bonus the games of the genre that will be released soon and will pass various tests.

Dual Universe
Dual Universe is an ambitious Sandbox MMORPG with many possibilities, like building entire factories, cities, orbital stations, planetary exploration and constant development. The worlds in the game are made in full size and have such characteristics as gravity, weather system and much more. You can move between planets without loading screens.

The game is constantly updated with content and is now officially in beta testing, but anyone can play the project after purchasing a special set. The official release of Dual Universe will take place in 2021 after a series of major updates.

In development for about five years, the fantasy MMORPG Crowfall is finally getting close to release. The game will be distributed in Russian by Innova, which also publishes Ragnarok, Aion, Lineage and many other games.

Crowfall will feature a variety of worlds to travel between, sieges using catapults, alliances and diplomacy systems, many classes and races. And some of the latter are not common in MMORPGs. For example, you can play as a minotaur, centaur, sylph, half-elf, and so on.

Ashes of Creation
The up-and-coming Ashes of Creation is another long-awaited project. In 2021, this moment will finally come and we will be able to play an attractive sandbox with a unique node system and on the Unreal Engine 4 engine from Intrepid Studios, but so far only in the alpha version.

It is worth noting that the game was planned to be distributed among us by MY.GAMES (formerly Mail.ru), but soon the developers terminated the contract with the eminent Russian company. Intrepid Studios will publish the project all over the world independently, and regarding the availability of the Russian language and servers, they are in the plans of the authors.