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Valve has updated the teaser for the summer event in Dota 2

A new teaser for the summer event has been added to Dota 2. Valve announced a special event at the same time as the release of Battle Pass 2020, but has not yet revealed any details about it.

Previously, players only had access to a reminder of the imminent start of the event and information that during the event, “a mystical force will disrupt the course of the war of the Ancients”. Now users can read another mysterious message: “In all the worlds bow to the power of knowledge. But knowledge fades in the shadow of the unknown. The unknown will submit only to force.”

Battle Pass 2020 for Dota 2 was released on the evening of may 25. On the night of July 11, Valve released an update that introduced a new image for Anti-Mage.

Twitch unblocks Donald Trump’s channel

Twitch removed the block from the channel of US President Donald trump. The official policy page on the streaming platform was unavailable for two weeks.

According to the insider Rod Slasher Breslau, the reason for blocking the trump channel was inciting hatred towards a person or group of persons, which representatives of the platform saw on the streams of the us President. His public appearances were usually broadcast there.

Twitch blocked trump’s channel in late June — at the same time, reddit banned a subsection dedicated to the US President. Almost 800,000 people signed up for it. At the time of publication, the forum is still unavailable.

Valve planned to use the name Artifact for a Minecraft-style game

Valve used the name Artifact when developing a canceled game in the spirit of Minecraft-A. R. T. I. this was told by an insider and author of the Valve News Network channel Tyler Mcvicker.

In the interactive book The Final Hours of Half-Life: Alyx, a game in the spirit of Minecraft is named A. R. T. I. according to Mcvicker, several pages of the introduction to the title in the files are designated as artifactdemo. The project was postponed several times, and in 2017 it was completely canceled — perhaps this is why Valve chose this name for KKI.

A. R. T. I. was conceived as a voxel game with complete destructibility and the ability to erect buildings. Previously, it became known about other canceled projects of Valve, including the RPG about Axe and Half-Life 3.